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STEAM & Robotics Labs

At Steamlabs, we believe that understanding AI technology and the fundamentals of machine learning does not have to be intimidating and inaccessible for anyone to start learning. These complex systems can be followed for interactive activities and explanations.

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A.I. Labs

Applied Intelligence Laboratories (AI Labs) is the research and technology arm of the BAE Systems'. Already, AI- and machine learning-enabled technologies are used in medicine, transportation, robotics, science, education, the military, surveillance, finance and its regulation, and manufacturing.

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V.R. Labs

It’s interactive and enjoyable to travel in the Virtual learning world for learners. It increases students' visualization. Just wear VR headset and start learning. From the first day, the teacher can start teaching. It is so simple. Research shows VR increases student's interest in learning.

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For a child to succeed in school, both physical and mental concerns ought to be addressed. These are inter related and influence the child’s overall progress. MINDFRAMES is committed to providing fun filled and stimulating learning experiences to children.

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