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Robomax is a Robotics & Wireless Automation Training Program. This program will make students aware of recent technology and develop their skills on different technologies.

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Our world-class STEAM curriculum is designed after research done by expert educators from leading institutions.

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Measure and improve your progress through monthly competitions conducted at national and international levels.

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In addition to improving computational thinking, Robotics And AI in education are designed to help develop other cognitive skills in children and adolescents, such as: Learning from mistakes.
Understanding that mistakes are not conclusive and always provide opportunities to come to new conclusions.

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Steam & Robotic Labs

Robomax offers technical consultancy to after-schools interested in...

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A.I. Labs

Interactive AI & Robotics Lab for Schools implementing applied curriculum...

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V.R. Labs

Educators can help students visualize the working of a machine or operations...

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For holiday plans, we offer Summer/Winter Camps for kids...

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Get Closer Look How Students Develop the Skills in AI Data Analysis

Over the past few years we have been working with schools, we consider client's problems as our problems.

  • Professional Robotics & AI Experts
  • Stem.org Approved Curriculum
  • Globally Recognised
  • ZERO Investment

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Fruit Piano
Pick & Place Robot
Self Driving Car
Smart LED
Smart Dustbin
Obstacle Avoider Robot

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Frequently Asked Questions

Robotics for kids refers to any kind of activity that helps kids to understand Robots. Activities can include robot-building kits and games that get their little hands moving on something fun to more in-depth courses where they can go deeper into understanding the construction and application of robots.

Educational robots can serve various purposes in enhancing learning experiences. They can promote active engagement, problem-solving, and collaboration among students as active learning tools.

The Office of Educational Technology is working to develop policies and supports focused on the effective, safe, and fair use of AI-enabled educational technology. Today, many priorities for improvements to teaching and learning are unmet.

Robotics and artificial intelligence are two related but entirely different fields. Robotics involves the creation of robots to perform tasks without further intervention, while AI is how systems emulate the human mind to make decisions and 'learn.

Schools can create AR/VR-based learning environments as well as web-based lessons to accompany them. AI Monitoring and Evaluation tools can streamline content for different learning styles and match pace with diverse learning curves.

In education, chatbots with artificial intelligence systems can guide students with personalized, just-in-time feedback or assistance. This helps students keep track of their own learning while keeping them motivated and engaged.

AI can help with the creation of smart rural classrooms and making education more interesting for students. The main focus is the development of rural areas and the modernization of classrooms in those areas.

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