Project Description

Humanoids are the Intelligent robots which will resemble humans in many ways. They will look like humans, behave like humans, think like humans and work like humans. Research is going on to make Robots even feel like Humans do. One of the key characteristics of Humans is that we are legged species, meaning we use legs to move from one location to another.

Learning Outcome

  • To build a basic human shaped robot and program it to move through the path without collision and greet a visitor when prompted (using switches).

  • You can understand the importance of center of gravity and center of mass while walking on ground.

  • The importance of the spine or backbone in the human body and how it can be replicated in your mechanism.

  • While making robots behave like humans, the important factor is that the robot must be able to have various input devices like sensors, output devices like speakers and thinking capabilities.