Weight Lifting Robot

Project Description

The definition of a pick and place robot itself portrays its functioning. They pick up the desired item from an identified location and place them at another desired coordinate. Horizontal pick and place robots can pick the low height objects and deliver them to a certain location. It is generally used where products do not need to be lifted to heights. ex: Pizza delivery bots.

Learning Outcome

  • One of the main objectives of introducing the capability of learning in robots (especially in industrial applications) is to reduce the need for human guidance when performing robot tasks.

  • Pick-and-place manipulations by fixed-base robots are widely explored and studied in industrial robotics. On the other hand, planning basic handling tasks such as weightlifting, to be executed by humanoid robots

  • In the weightlifting task, if the mass and size of the weight are known to the robot, then its posture can be controlled in the open loop. The control policy is to prevent the robot from falling down by maintaining its static and dynamic stability.

  • The important factor is that the robot must be able to have various input devices like sensors , output devices like speakers and thinking capabilities.